"Prior to Sutherland Solutions, Octacom's mobile devices were spread throughout several cell providers along with various plans, terms, and separate invoices. Thanks to Sutherland Solutions we are now all under one plan, savings over 50%, and streamlined efficient administration that is one call away."

- John McNamee - C.E.O.

"We are extremely happy with the service that your company provides. It has always been a source of frustration to deal with these Cellular Service providers and we have always felt abused when we learn that new customers get much better pricing than companies like ours who were loyal customers. These plans are often unknown or just too complex to compare. You take that problem off of our hands."

- Rick Saarimaki - President

"Thanks to Sutherland Solutions, we are thrilled to say that our company is now saving approximately $10,000 annually. That cut our cell phone bills by 40%! This was way beyond our expectations in terms of telecom cost savings, especially given the fact that our provider had assigned a dedicated rep. to our account long ago. What we appreciated most about working with Derek and his team was their availability, reliability and willingness to help with what ever we needed. Everything was kept simple on our end, a real pleasure to do business with."
- Lori - Office Administrator

"Sutherland Solutions not only has saved us significant amounts on our monthly cell phone bill, but time as well by taking care of any discrepancies that occur. The prompt, efficient service is second to none. Sutherland Solutions' services are, in my opinion, invaluable and I encourage everyone to seek them out."
- Dianne - Office Administrator

"After being a client with the same cellular provider for over 15 years we were quite pleased that Sutherland Solutions was able to get us onto a corporate plan, which we were never offered by our service provider! Now we have a dedicated corporate rep. looking after our account and have more service for less money!"

- Monique - Office Manager

"The service provided by Sutherland Solutions is an invaluable service for me every month. It reduces the amount of time needed to go through every month’s bill and deal with any discrepancies, as well as not having to spend an hour on the phone with the service provider and being bounced around to potentially get to the right individual."
- Melissa Cole - Office Administrator